As a proud small business supporter, I would love to partner with small businesses with my products. So when people purchase my tote bags in your shop, they are supporting 2 small businesses. Mine and yours.


How cool is that?


Since I started my wholesale program in June 2021, 30 local small businesses all over the country... and counting, are now selling my products. 

If you're a small business owner and are interested in partnering up, I have a shop with Faire and Tundra.

Or you can email me and we can discuss. 



You can also add in your store's logo or store name to my designs. Pick any of my tote bag design, send me png or jpg file of your logo or brand name. I will then msg you back a draft with a mock up photo and we can do changes until you are pleased. 

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Faire Wholesale

Tundra Wholesale