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Dec 11, 2020

Snowflake Potholder Crochet Pattern


Add that handmade touch of charm in your holiday kitchen decor with this crochet snowflake potholder. This is done in Tapestry method. Please don't be scared or intimidated. It's actually very easy to do. I'll show you how.

The only techniques you need to know is how to do single crochet and how to switch yarn colors. That's it!


This will be used to hold hot kitchen cooking equipments not to

mention to protect your hand from not burning. So we will need to

use 100% cotton yarn. It will not burn to melt like an acrylic or

wool yarn does. I usually use Lily Sugar N. Cream, sold at both

Michael's and Joan Fabric Stores. But this time, I used "I Love

This Cotton Yarn" sold exclusively at Hobby Lobby. It's nice and

soft and it works perfectly with tapestry crochet.

The colors I Used are Turquoise, Red and Fruit Salad -- it gave

that cool snowfall effect.


CROCHET HOOK: 3.5mm - tension is important in tapestry crochet. So we need our stitches nice and tight.


- darning needle (to weave ends)

- scissors


 7 1/2" x 8 1/2"


I have put together a quick You Tube tutorial to show you what you need to know to complete this project.

To follow the chart, make one single crochet stitch for each box, changing colors when they change in the box. And since we are crocheting in continuous rounds, the chart reads from right to left. 

Click here for a printable chart.


What's cool about this pattern is that it's reversible. Same snowflake pattern on both sides of the potholder just reversed color. I figured why just crochet a one-sided potholder besides, we need to make use of the 2 yarn colors. 

So you will be following the chart and doing it twice. The one side is 41 stitches and since we are doing it twice, we will start with 82 chain foundation. Form a ring with a slip stitch.

And this is when the chart pattern starts...

For the first row, do 41 sc stitch with your light color then switch 

to the contrast color and do another 41 sc stitches. 

The second row is where you need to start doing the BLO - Back

Loop Only -- instead of inserting your hook on both loops, you need

to insert it under the back loop only. This is a famous tapestry 

crochet method.











Then just follow the chart. I already put in the stitch count for you.

If you noticed in the chart that there are numbers highlighted. This means you need to do these stitches in both loops. The reason for this is when the image has a left angle direction, it doesn't give a nice line when crocheting them in BLO.... not like the right angle direction does. So what we're going to do is when you reach that highlighted stitch, do that stitch in both loops. ONLY for that stitch. The stitch before and after should be in BLO.

Seal the bottom with a Whip Stitch using your darning

needle. Whip Stitch is like a shoelace method. Insert the

needle into the innermost loop from the bottom to top.

Pull gently to tighten.

For the top part of the potholder. Find the center then 

crochet in 15 chain. Attach it to the same stitch. Make sure you 

knot and weave in both ends to secure it and it won't unravel.

Then seal it the potholder with a Whip Stitch.



Thank you for visiting PopCrochet! If you love this pattern, feel free to use it in your own crochet creations, whether for gifts or sale, with an attribution link to this page when posting online. Please do not resell or distribute this pattern in physical or digital form, and make sure to tag me on  Instagram so I can check out what you made!

And you are done!

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