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Oct 15, 2019

Crochet Stripes Potholder

Potholder pic3.jpg

Like any other crochet beginners, I did mostly beanies, scarves and blankets, When I decided that it's time to venture out and crochet something that I would find useful around the house, I discovered the Magic Potholder Pattern. It's a double thick diagonally crocheted potholder that is quick and easy to make. We use it all the time in our kitchen with a seal of approval from my husband who is a professional Exec Chef! So because of that, I crochet a lot of it and give them out as gifts. To my neighbors, my daughter's teachers, family and friends.

And they all love it. 

We are going to use the original Crochet Magic Potholder Pattern but with a stripes version. We will give it a cool modern look that would give a nice subtle contemporary pop of color to your kitchen.

In crocheting a potholder or any kitchen accessories, you must only use a 100% cotton yarn. It will not melt and most especially, will not burn your hand when holding a hot pan. Also, very easy to clean. Just throw it in the washing machine. 

I love to use Lily Sugar N' Cream yarn. You can purchase them at both Michael's and Joann's Fabric stores but also of its vast color choices.  If you're going to make a bunch of the stripes version, I would suggest to buy the cone yarn for the white color. I get mine at Joann Fabrics (regular price $14.99) and always take advantage of their 50% off coupon. 

For the crochet hook, I used H/8 = 5.00mm.

Finish size = 8.5" x 8.5"

Let's get started.


1)   Make 41 chain.


2)  Do 3 sc stitch on the 2nd chain.

3)  Do 38 sc stitch. 


6)  Keep going around the foundation. One sc stitch on every stitch. 


4)  Do 3 sc stitch on the

last chain. 

5)  Do sc stitch on the other side of the chain foundation all the way to the end.

7)  Do another row of sc stitch (total of 2 rows).


8)  If you've done a Magic Potholder Pattern before, you know that it forms into square shape by folding them diagonally. 


9)  We're going to switch to white yarn on the folded part to hide it.  So we're going to use this stitch to switch our yarn.


10)  Once you figured out the stitch to switch yarn, do the sc stitch before it and pause when you have 2 loops in your hook.


11)  Drop the blue yarn and grab the white and yarn it over through the 2 loops completing the sc stitch.


12)  Continue to crochet sc stitch with the white yarn. Leave the blue yarn behind and crochet over the white yarn tail. 


13)  Crochet 4 rows of the white yarn. And just like what we did on step 9, fold the corner and determine the stitch to switch back to blue.

Drop the white yarn and pick up the blue yarn we left behind. Leave the white yarn behind and crochet 4 rows of the blue yarn. Repeat this pattern 5 times. If we crochet over the blue yarn, you'll see it through the white yarn. We want the white stripes to be nice and clean. 

So we'll leave it behind everytime we crochet the white stripes.


It's like crocheting a small purse. You have 5 alternating stripes with 4 rows each. 


This is what it looks like when you fold it in the middle. 


After the last white yarn stripe, do 2 rows of blue. This will be your last row.  Crochet over the white yarn, cut it off leaving a small strip dangling inside. If you crochet it over to the end of the white yarn, there will be a chance it will start peeping through the stitches.


Finish the last row of blue at tip of the potholder. 

Find the stitch at the tip, do a sc stitch then crochet 15

chain stitch.

Connect the end of your chain to the same stitch you started and finish it with a slip stitch.


Cut off the blue yarn. Make sure it's longer than the length of the potholder. Insert it in a darning needle.


With the darning needle, seal the potholder with a Whip Stitch Method. Insert the needle through the 2 loops of the sc stitch and through the other 2 loops on the other edge. After you reach the end, knot it, and weave it in.

This is what it looks like on the side of the potholder. You can barely see the yarn switch. And with a non-crocheter-eye, they wouldn't even know that there was a switch. It will look like a solid stripe to them.

Potholder pic2.jpg

I hope you're able to follow this pattern. It's so fun and easy to make. Like I mentioned earlier, it's great to give as gifts. This will definitely give your kitchen that subtle POP of color. 

Thank you for visiting PopCrochet! If you love this pattern, feel free to use it in your own crochet creations, whether for gifts or sale, with an attribution link to this page when posting online. Please do not resell or distribute this pattern in physical or digital form, and make sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your pics so I can check out what you made!

You can get a printable pdf version of this pattern in my Etsy Shop for only $1.50. 

Happy Crocheting!

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