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Jan 5, 2019

Crochet Sturdy Basket


If you're a crocheter like me, I'm sure that it frustrates you every time you crochet a basket and they end up too soft and won't stand up on its own.  They may look pretty but lets face it, it's not good enough unless they're sturdy. So I got a solution. 

I was organizing our TV shelf and I need a basket to not only hide the cables but also for storage. I did crocheted a basket with bulky yarn but I didn't like that it keeps losing it's shape.  So I decided to use a cardboard box and crocheted a cover for it.

What you'll need:

1.  a cardboard box  =  in this case I used a      USPS Priority Mail Large Box. They're free!

2. fabric  = to cover the inside of the box

3.  yarn = any yarn you want to use. In this case I'm using Caron Pound (gray) for the base and Caron Sprinkle Cake (birthday cake) for the sides. 

4.  hot glue gun  =  to glue the fabric inside the box.

5.  ruler

6.  needle with large eye = to hand-sew the crochet cover to       the box.


Measure the height of your shelf. When you measure your box include the height of your box flap.  Tape the corners of the box flap to make it into one sturdy box.  In my case, the height of my shelf is 10" so I made my box 9" in height.


Now it's time to crochet!

Start with the base of the box. Since it's going to be at the bottom of the box and will not be seen, I think it'll be a waste to use your primary yarn for the bottom. So I used Caron Pound yarn with the color that closely matches my primary yarn. (Also, I have a lot of Caron Pound in my yarn stash.) You can use any crochet stitch for the bottom, I like to use Corner-to-Corner (C2C). It's easy and fast to make. I used J crochet hook (6.00 mm).


Once you're done with the base, get your primary yarn. I chose a bulky yarn, Caron Sprinkle Cake. (Unfortunately, they are now discontinued. When Michael's put them on sale for $5.49, I bought a bunch.) If you want to use a bulky yarn, I would suggest Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. It's pretty much the same thing. I used a J hook for the base and since this is a different weight yarn (the Caron Pound is 4 medium and the Caron Sprinkle Cake is 6 super bulky), I'm gonna have to use a L hook (8.00 mm). Pick any side to start and do a single crochet on the back loop only and skip a stitch. So do a regular single crochet on every other stitch. Do a continuous loop so you don't have a seam  (I don't know about you but I hate seams). 



If you're going to crochet with a medium weight acrylic, you don't have to skip stitches. Do a sc on each stitch.

Do the single crochet stitch all around until you reach the height of the box. Every now and then, try it out with the box to make sure that your basket covers it nicely. You don't want to finish your crocheting and it end up too large or too tight. You want it to be nice and snug.


To cover the inside of your box, use any fabric  (you can use an old blanket you're no longer using).  I find it very easy and clean looking off you cut your fabric separately with the size of each sides. 


Start with the bottom of the box. Cut your fabric with an extra 1 inch all around.


Hot glue the base and flatten out your fabric with your hand so it'll be nice and smooth. Then hot glue the 1 inch extra to the sides. 


Pick two opposite sides. Add an extra 1 inch on the side and at least 2 inches for the top and warp it over.


For the other two opposite sides, cut your fabric the exact size of the side but an extra 2 inches on the top and wrap it over.


Ta- daaaah!

Let's cover our box with our crocheted basket.


This is what it looks like at the bottom of the box.

I would use a large needle with a large eye so you can easily out in your yarn.  For the yarn, I would pick a lower weight yarn that matches your primary yarn color. Hand sew the box and the crochet basket together. 


Like I said, the pride and joy that you created that. I didn't spend any money for it. I used my yarn stash (it does pay off hoarding yarn), left-over fabric and a free box!  Now I just need to make another one to replace that old wicker basket so they would match. :)


Here are some of the crochet baskets I've made from cardboard boxes.  I pretty much don't buy baskets anymore. I just make them.


Caron Cakes 

Cake Pop


Lion Brand Wool-Ease

Thick & Quick


Lion Brand Wool-Ease

Thick & Quick



Caron Cakes 

Cherry Chip


Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.

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