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Dec 19, 2020

Christmas Crochet Gift Pouch

Happiness is handmade.... making it and giving it! 

Here's a cute little crochet pouch for gift giving. Small gifts to give to your neighbors, co-workers, teachers, and anyone you want to give a small gift. 

Why buy those small gift bags when you can make one. Not only it's cute but also more special since it's made by you. 


Here's a quick YouTube video. Check it out and please subscribe. I'll be posting new patterns and tutorials every week.

You can use any yarn for this project. I'll be using Lily Sugar N' Cream cotton yarn. So they'll be able to use it over and over again and it won't fray or shed. 

The skein I'm crocheting is Holiday Stripes. I pretty much used up there entire skein for this one pouch. (95 yards)

Crochet Hook = F/6 - 4.0mm 

I'm using a smaller hook because I want my stitches to be nice and tight.


Start with a chain foundation. The number of chain depends on how big you want your pouch to be. All you have to do is fold your foundation in half and that will be the width of your pouch. I did a 50 chain foundation and my pouch ended up with 5 1/2" wide. 

Connect the ends to form a ring with a slip stitch. 


Leave the tail from your chain foundation and use that as your marker to let you know that you're approaching the next row.

After the foundation, do a row a sc stitch. The on the 2nd row, start crocheting in BLO - Back Loop Only. 

You can do both loops (normal sc stitch) if you want. 

I'm doing BLO because I like the look fo clean lines. 

IMG_0808 2.jpeg

Your done when you reached the desired length. Cut of the ends and weave it in with your darning needle.

7 1/2"

5 1/2"

To seal the bottom of your pouch, sew it in with a Whip Stitch - insert the darning needle into the innermost loop from the bottom to top. It's just like a shoe lace method.

IMG_0809 2.jpeg

For the fun part - decorating your pouch.

You can use any rope, ribbon or even yarn to tie in the top. Then I got some holiday decorations. Most of these are from Michaels and my local Dollar Store.

IMG_0810 2.jpeg
IMG_0811 2.jpeg
IMG_0812 2.jpeg

I have these shiny rope from a. Dollar Store and it fits through my large darning needle. Sew it in around the 3rd row from the top with at least 2 inches apart meeting in the middle of the pouch. Tie in a cute ribbon and add in your holiday ornaments. 

I used twine, holiday ribbon and a shinny cord. No matter what you use, it will look cute.


Feel free to leave a message down below if you have any  questions. Follow me at Instagram @popcrochet and Pinterest @annaburtondesigns

Happy Crocheting!

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