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Dec 23, 2020

Big Stripes Crochet Scarf

Simple, classic and modern. 

You can't go wrong with a striped scarf. This stripe - color block style - pattern, gives a subtle modern touch in your ensemble.

It's so light and yet it will keep you warm and cozy. Great for heavy winter and on light cool days. This scarf will work well with a heavy winter jacket and it will look cute with a sweater or cardigan. 

Very easy to make and perfect for crochet beginners. 


I like using Lion Brand Pound of Love. It gave that perfect texture for this scarf. Nice and soft. I used only less than 1/4 of this skein. So if you're going to crochet this scarf for gifts or for your craft show to sell, you can make at least 6-7 scarves with these 2 skeins.

Crochet hook = H/8 - 5.00mm


Here's a quick YouTube video. Check it out and subscribe. More patterns are coming!

The foundation count depends on how wide you want your scarf to be. As long as you do multiples of 2 + 1 chain. I started with 40 chain foundation and my scarf is 8 inches wide.

We will be doing Moss Stitch. It's a sc and chain duo. 

First of all, always remember to do one chain when your start a new row. 


After you're done with your chain foundation (+1 chain), start on the second stitch with a sc stitch, chain, skip the next stitch and do a sc stitch. Repeat till you reach the end, finishing your row with s sc stitch.

For the second row, keep up the pattern of "sc, chain, sc, chain" but you're no longer skipping stitches. You're placing the sc on the chain spaces of the previous row. 

Here's a diagram to better understand.

moss diagram.jpg

The number of rows depends on the length of your stripes. Mine ended up with 41 rows, 9 inches in length


When you are ready to switch to your contrast yarn color. On the last sc stitch of white, pause when you have 2 loops on your hook. Grab the other yarn, draw and yarn over. Chain 1 then turn your work. Cut off the white yarn then start crocheting with your contrast color.


Finish your scarf once you reached your desired length. I like extra long scarves so mine need up almost 7 feet long. Just make sure you finish your scarf the same color you started with. In my case is white because I want my fringes to be blue. 

Cut strips of yarn twice the length that you want your fringe to be plus give enough length for trimming. I cut mine eat 13 inches long. I wanted a thicker fringe so I am doing 3 strands for each fringe.    


Fold it in half, insert your hook at the edge of the scarf. Pull the group of yarn through then reach through the loop with your hook. 


Pull through the loops. Pull tightly until the know is snug. 


Place your fringe in between stitches so skip a stitch. Trim the ends with your scissors and make the ends straight.


Check out this cool scarf in different colors. 


Feel free to leave a message down below if you have any  questions. Follow me at Instagram @popcrochet and Pinterest @annaburtondesigns.

Happy Crocheting!

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