Badges with each letters of the alphabet. In "hand- lettered" font in black and white. 

What you need to do....

1. Choose if you want them in pin back badges or magnet.
2. what design you want -- white background or black back background
3. put in your quantity 
4. and state what letter or numbers you want in the personalization section.

If you want a double digit number badge, you can stet that in the personalization section.

The badges are 1.25" in size with hand drawn shadowed letters featured in black & white printing and a durable steel pin-back. They will look cute on backpacks and crossbody bags... or add them to your collection.

As for the magnets.... a top quality magnetic 13/16 inch circular discs is glued at the back. It's a Grade 5 Ferrite Ceramic Industrial Disc. It can hold up to 8 sheets of paper. They will definitely look cute on magnetic white boards and fridge.

Pattern Copyright:
This design and all images associated with this design are Anna Burton Designs and cannot be copied, shared, altered, sold, or claimed as your own in any way. 

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Alphabet Letters Black & White Pin Badges & Magnets