Crochet Christmas Gift Ideas 

I always think that Christmas season is a season meant for crocheters... and knitters. This is the time where we use our "Super Powers" to create something special. Giving a gift that is handmade makes it more personal knowing that it was made specifically for them. And we get to show off what we can do.


 For the past 5 years, all my Holiday gifts are hand-crocheted. I make them personalized based on their favorite color or home decor. I try to come up with something new each year. And I'd like to share the things I've done and hopefully to give you some ideas for your Christmas list. You can't make them beanies and scarves every year. Gotta make something different. Something that they'll use all year round.

And have fun with it, too!

Crochet Cross Body Bag

If you have a tween or teenage girl in your list, here's a perfect gift for her. This crochet cross body bag is made with just one skein of Caron Big Cake... actually I made 2 cross body bags with that one skein! 

It's fast and easy to make. Any crochet beginners can make this bag. It's crocheted with Moss Stitch also known as Granite Stitch. A repetitive sc stitch and chain. Then add some fringes for a dynamic effect... also it makes it look cooler.

For the handles, I crocheted a Romanian Chain and added a couple tassels. All of that from one skein! 

Click here for a

full tutorial...  

lyla bag1 pic_edited.jpg

Crochet Pouch

Another cool gift. Both girls and adult women in your list would like. A crochet pouch done is. a single crochet stitch black loop only (BLO).

My 10 year old daughter uses them as a pencil case for school. I use them as a makeup case and the other one as my crochet hook case when I bring my crochet projects with me on the road. So many uses. A cool gift to make.


You can make them in plain solid colors, stripes or add some cool words like "LOVE" and "HELLO" (pictured). A simple tapestry crochet. If you haven't done tapestry crochet and would like to start, I got a simple pattern in my Etsy Shop that you would like. I also have the pattern for these cute crochet pouches in my shop.

Crochet Tote Bag

Find me a woman who does not want a tote bag. I've given lots of crochet tote bags as Christmas gifts and they all love them. They've used it pretty much all year long as errand bags, beach bags, vacation bags, etc.


All you need to do is crochet the base with an oval-long shape then do sc stitch all around it. The easiest pattern is the color block pattern. It's very contemporary and modern yet very simple and will definitely not go out of style. If you want to take it up a notch, do a tapestry crochet like my Yvonne Pattern or my Criss Cross Pattern.

Crochet Banners

How about a banner 

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